CBD gold
Introducing CUT
CBD is everywhere and now it’s at STUDIO VITALITY! Introducing Color Up Therapeutics! This Colorado based company is the first brand to offer a full skincare line with CBD. These products are formulated with the finest botanicals, peptides and organic CBD. Free of all the nasty ingredients like sulfates, mineral oils and synthetic dyes. Produced in small batches for the best quality.
What does CBD do and why should you be using it?
Long answer:
CBD is derived from the hemp plant and is safe for everyone. Cannabidiol (CBD) supports the endocannibinoid system which was only recently discovered in 1990. The endocannabinoid system is located in the brain and is a major part of the central and peripheral nervous system. It’s job is to regulate or balance everything from appetite, energy, immune function, inflammation, memory, sleep and stress response. CBD acts as a bridge between receptors which aids in overall function and cell health.
Short answer:
These products won’t get you high. They are good for all skin types except very dry. Color Up Therapeutics (CUT) works amazing on hyper-pigmentation, acne and provides tremendous antioxidant support which means they are also anti-aging. In 20 years, I have never used a product line that has worked this fast on hyper-pigmentation! Check out this photo of me, taken three weeks apart!
Free gift with purchase
Purchase two or more CUT products during March (while supplies last) and receive a FREE gift!! Special promotions on system packs too!